My husband takes 3 days to shower

My husband has a love-hate relationship with water and he can go upto three days or more without taking a bath whether it’s hot outside or cold it doesn’t matter to him

I have tried to talk to him/ beg him at-least to change his underwear so that the breeding ground for bacteria is not as bad coz he sweats a lot and also it’s like he doesn’t wipe well after going number 2 as sometimes he gets this poop smell down there yani he will pass you and you will think he farted but no it’s the smell he emits

Honestly it just repulsive thinking about it. sadly I think he just doesn’t care I am even embarrassed on his behalf coz if I can smell it am sure his workmates at the office can smell it too

Nway the issue is his poor hygiene is greatly affecting our relationship bedroom wise coz honestly I don’t want to have sex with him

I have been treated for yeast infection multiple times this year alone am just so tired, ladies can you believe for me having Monistat is like having panadol in the house am frustrated as it has reached a point I self-administer the prescription( is this even safe?)

I have tried to educate him on how the Vagina is very sensitive and has to be kept clean all the time to avoid the risk of infections but he doesn’t care when I refuse to give in to his sexual demands he becomes emotionally abusive and accusing me of having someone else out there who I am giving it to, its at this point that I should mention he is not only a very good manipulator but an emotional abuser as well.

What should I do ? I am honestly tired, he was not like this when we were dating and I must give him a thumbs up for being a good pretender.

Women are these the issues you go through in marriage or am I just one of the very unlucky ones? honestly, at this point I feel like marriage is a scam coz this is not what I imagined I would be battling what do I do?

Men is this a normal thing why don’t you like bathing please educate me.

Please don’t tell me to pray about it I need an actual and genuine solution for the sake of my health and sanity.

Author: Afrofuck