My husband threw me out of his room. It's 5 months now no sex no communication

My husband threw me out of his room. It’s 5 months now no sex no communication

I was once a beauty queen before I got married. I got married to discover that my husband is very proud, he never says sorry, but the main issue is after my second baby I discovered that my husband lost interest in me.

I tried all I could but to no avail. I reported to his friends and family but he would rather keep malice with me for taking personal issues out. He stopped talking to me for sometime now, threw me out of his room. It’s 5 months now no sex no communication.

If anybody tries talking to him he will come back and tell me nobody will force him in his house. Any time I want to talk to him he will tell me he married me so I can’t force him.

One day in the course of an argument he told me that I was a prostitute during my University days and I have a watery and wide p**sy, he has not enjoyed sex with me since he married me. In the process I found someone who I had deep chats with, though I wasn’t sleeping with the person.

My husband is the type that any small misunderstanding he will abstain from sex for months, sometimes 5, sometimes 4months as he decides. He got to know one day about my chats and has worsened the matter. I left his house months ago with my kids. He has not called for once.

My question is, I have been sexually starved. It’s been up to six months without it. Now that am out of my husband’s house, if I sleep with anyone will I be wrong?

As confessed on Confessions with Kadogoo

Author: Long Dick Style