Nick Cannon’s huge dick breaks the internet making women wet

Nick Cannon has the entire internet talking about his huge dick that has people talking about him thanks to his huge mandingo dick and no, it’s not photoshop.

Nick Cannon is trending since his dick hit the internet space which has, in turn, help him earn himself some female loyal fans who by now knows what he’s working with.

“Now we know why he’s got so many baby momma’s,” one female said. “No wonder he got 900 goddamn kids,” another user posted, clearly exaggerating to make her point.

Here is the photo of Nick Cannon’s huge thick dick that got him trending since yesterday


Nick Cannon has also been trending for the huge dick print on the suit he wore a few days ago, here are the video before the actual picture leaked!

Here are a few reactions from tweeps:

Author: Afrofuck