Sherlyne Anyango is what your girlfriend wants to be

Sherlyne Anyango has taken over the Kenyan entertainment scene by storm, or at least I’ve heard.

The former Journalist who chose her current life to the former which would have seen her get paid measly as opposed to what she’s making today. She isn’t pro the 9 to 5 job, no way.

She’s probably making what she would have been paid per month in one gig alone.

There’s no way you can ever hate on that, it’s money over everything and anything sometimes.

In the shortest time she’s been in the entertainment industry, she’s been featured as a video vixen in a lot of music videos today which has made her gain lots of followers on social media and a little bit of clout.

She even built a house for her dad who is proud of her for twerking online and making money out of it. Such a cool dad she has!

Check her out.

Author: Afrofuck