The 21st Century Grandmother. Stephanie Benson

The 21st Century Grandmother. Stephanie Benson

Stephanie Benson is a grandmother who looks like a teenager, her genes are so blessed that she ages like a vampire, in other words, she doesn’t get old.

The controversial musician and actor from Ghana is as controversial and outspoken as they come, she doesn’t sugarcoat anything when it comes to speaking her mind.

Hate her on love her, she’s living her best life regardless which is something most of us can borrow a leaf from.

She calls herself the “21st Century grandmother,” and she’s right, if she didn’t tell, you wouldn’t notice that the 54-year-old is actually past her fifties.

“I made a vow to myself after my mother died, to be the best parent physically and emotionally.
To love myself enough to give the best of me.
To forgive myself first and allow happiness to be a priority.
To know I deserve as much as I serve.
I said Yes to me, and life said Yes with glee.” she shared on her social media page.

Stephanie Benson explains why she wore a strap-on dick

“He walked into the bedroom in silence. From the way the door closed, I knew there was something wrong. At that moment, I was on my phone, responding to someone in my DM, concerned about her boyfriend having too many girlfriends and how insecure and unhappy she was. The DM was important to me but surely my priority should be my husband.”

“I put my phone down and walked over to him. He reached out to Kiss me but his eyes was not looking at me the way it usually does. He looked tired and a little stressed.”

“I always know what to do when it comes to my husband. How to make him smile. Like a good wife, I rushed upstairs, into my closet, to find something to clean out the cobwebs clouding his consumed beautiful brain. It was long hard, strapped and intimidating. He was going to take it, screaming…. Let’s reverse the roles.”