The explicit music video by Leftside and Konshens that you need to watch

Konshens knows how to make music that is explicit which is timeless and will always resonate with almost everybody who loves to hear nasty and naughty things on their songs.

This might be the reason why Leftside sought him out and featured him on his ‘Clap Dat’ song which was released over 10 years ago that still goes hard even today.

If you’ve never watched any music videos that are explicit, then you best thank Leftside and Konshens for the ‘Clap Dat’ music video that fans continue to love to this day.

This music video by Leftside together with Konshens is something that you will be happy you got to discover in 2022 just in case you didn’t know the song even existed. It’s an anthem, the song is something that will be in your playlist once you stream it.

Watch the music video below that’s only reserved for grown-up folks but then again you are a grown-up folks because you’re here.


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Author: Afrofuck