There isn’t a Serwaa Amihere sextape, everything about the leaked sextape is a Lie

There is a video circulating online purporting to be GHOne TV broadcaster, Serwaa Amihere.

Nothing couldn’t further from the truth, whoever shared the information about the woman in the video purporting to be Serwaa Amihere had some wicked intentions on their mind/s.

The video was actually taken from Xvideo and we have the video proof of the same. So, disregard anything you hear about Serwaa Amihere’s sex tape.

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This comes to show you cannot take down any good person, so please, let’s leave Serwaa Amihere to live her private life in peace, if there would have been a sex tape, we would be the first people to have it.

Here’s the video people filled with malicious intent are saying is Serwaa Amihere.

Author: Afrofuck