Wahala don see wahala o! you can’t help a woman anymore

Wahala don see wahala o! you can’t help a woman anymore

While in winners church on a Sunday, a friend’s wife approached me and told me her husband traveled and he has been unreachable for the last 24hours and she and the kids don’t have food to eat at home.

I immediately took my phone to call my friend, the number truly didn’t connect. I transferred N20,000 to her to assist her to get food for the kids and herself.

Fast forward to 3 months after, I was with the husband and wanted to transfer some money to him… so I asked for the right spelling of his surname to enable me to search my banking app for his details.

I gave him the phone to enter the surname himself while typing the surname, his wife’s account details came up… He got very confused and asked me what his wife’s account number was doing on my phone.

I explained everything to him and he insisted that his wife will never do such and it is impossible.

Since that day, he stopped being friends with me. Me, I no Kukuma bother myself because I only wanted to help.

Did I stop helping women who need help? No.

My photographer’s wife, brought their landlord to me to complain about their rent that was due for months… na so I transfer give Landlord… Since that day, husband no gree greet me again ooo.

In Nigeria, helping a woman comes with a lot of complications. Cos the boyfriend or husband believes that she might have done something silly to attract favor.

What’s wrong with helping a woman?