Woman seeks forgiveness for infecting multiple men with HIV/AIDS

A beautiful Kenyan woman has come forward through social media to ask for forgiveness for what she has done to numerous men out there.

The woman in question, Ms. Harriet Vihenda Akunava took to social media to confess that she is indeed living with the deadly virus, HIV/AIDS.

Harriet Vihenda Akunava admits that she was bitter and decided to get back to people by spreading it around by fucking them without protection.

Ms. Harriet is now remorseful for what she has done and has called upon all the men she has slept with to go seek medical help because she believes she has infected them with the deadly virus that has claimed millions of lives globally over the years.

“It’s time I came clean,” she said, “I was bitter for months but I can’t do this anymore.”

Ms. Harriet went on to admit, “I am HIV POSITIVE and have been infecting men.” without sharing the number of men she’s slept with, she has since stirred social media with her confessions of being HIV/AIDS positive.

Turning a new leaf in her life, remorseful Ms. Harriet told all the men she has had sexual relationships and escapades with, “I’m sorry, forgive me, get tested if I have hanyad you.”

Below are the photos of Ms. Harriet Vihenda Akunava who has blown everything else out of the water after her confessions.

Author: Afrofuck