You better hit up Jaaden Kyrelle for that Twitter promo, she got numbers

Jaaden Kyrelle is pulling off some impressive numbers on Twitter thanks to her unique adult content that has made her famous with a huge percentage from every country knowing her.

Jaaden Kyrelle shared a screenshot of one of her tweets dated August 8, 2021, that had over 53K likes, over 9K retweets, had over 270 comments.

The same tweet attracted 10 million eyeballs with 3 million engagements with curios lot(detail expands) being 255K, she has had over 178K profile visits, helped her gain 103 new followers and the video that she shared had 2 million.

All of her tweets usually averages 10 million impressions whatever she’s offering is totally legit.

She pulled these numbers just from one of her tweets, makes you wonder the cumulative numbers she pulled from all of her tweets.

This is why she’s asking y’all to promote your business through her page that has over 594K followers with some of them being your favorite celebrities.


Author: Afrofuck