Zari Hassan cyber-sex session with boyfriend leaked on the internet

Zari Hassan is among a handful of celebrities who have faced public humiliation after their sex videos were leaked on the internet by malicious people.

Zari’s sex tape was however leaked by her jilted boyfriend sometime in December 2014.

The mother of five dated several men after her breakup with her husband Ivan Ssemwanga.

The Ugandan socialite got into a long-distance relationship with a man who would later leak her sex tape. Zari was engaging in cybersex with her lover over the internet for the period they were dating.

Zari’s nightmare became a reality when she tried dumping her long-distance boyfriend.

Apparently, the man was recording their cybersex sessions and saved them for future use.

He tried blackmailing Zari into sticking with him and when she didn’t play ball he unleashed the videos.

The Ugandan socialite is seen fucking herself with a sex toy during a video call with her boyfriend in the leaked sex tape. Watch the clip below:

Author: Long Dick Style