Zaynnyzayn, a man with a 16+ inch dick shocks the internet

A video of Zaynnyzayn trying on some new jeans got people talking and surprised as well.

Zaynnyzayn who i s a solo creator on OnlyFans has people talking about his 16+ inch dick that is huge as it is wide in girth.

His penis was surgically enhanced but most netizens think that it’s not real at all.

“Why the twitter hate doesn’t bother me really. Clearly people who enjoy my content, enjoy it. And those who don’t? Just like to complain,” he said on Twitter.

He went on ahead to add, “If you don’t like my content, that is completely ok! It’s not for everyone. I like what I make and that is what matters to me most. If I was looking for external validation I may try to appease everyone but I am not. I am really content with it. Now back to regular programming”

Zaynnyzayn has a huge dick that it’s hard to find a girlfriend or even a female co-content creator to have some fun with on their OnlyFans account.

The video that got people talking especially in Mzansi

This is something that he’s totally okay with though, he doesn’t see it as any problem whatsoever.

The 16+ inch dick is his fantasy growth. It’s so big that he can give himself head when he wants to. His cum can easily fill a small cup. You cannot make this shit up.

Author: Afrofuck