A man feels betrayed after the woman she married with a son betrayed her

A man narrates to me. He got to know this girl who was by then 27 and a single mother of 1 boy. The man decided to step up and married the girl, took the boy who was 3 years as his own son

They lived well, at least in town. However, the man’s mother never liked his wife and even told him to dump her. She told his son, “You are too young to marry a single mother, you are heaping yourself responsibilities!” The man however ignored his mother and went on to marry the lady

The man was 31 by then. They got their firstborn within a year. Life was good. They then got the second born. Now, the guy had even gone to the girl’s parents and things seems to work ok

There was a boy who all along he knew calls his wife auntie. The girl had told the man, “He is a son to my elder sister.” However, he came to know that the boy was a son to his wife. She had gotten the boy when she was in high school. Worse, the boy had been trained to be calling his own mother auntie

Now, the woman wants all children to come to her. Her argument is: I am now financially better of and will help in bringing up the kids. But the man feels betrayed. He had all along thought the girl had one child from a previous relationship. She had two! Worse, no one from her relatives ever told the man the truth

What exactly is this man supposed to do? Who is to blame here?

Author: Afrofuck