Akua Saucy’s naked videos and photos breaking the internet right now!

Alleged naked photos and videos of Akua Saucy have the internet talking.

The videos and photos got shared on Twitter which has caused the internet to enjoy every bit of it, the reactions are something that people can’t seem to amaze on.

Just a couple of days ago this month, one Socialite Njuzu named Njuzu from Zimbabwe staying in South Africa had the internet talking after her sex tape got leaked and other photos and videos as well.

The sex tape blew her to celebrity status which has somewhat helped her get a lot of followers on social media, so in essence, it was a win-win for her but she had over five leaks in a span of few hours.

This time around, it’s Akua Saucy who is the talk of the town with her nudes circulating on social media.

Njuzu knows how to suck dick and shake that ass

In the leaked video that was shared on social media, it depicts Akua Saucy playing with her pussy in the videos and photos.

leaked video of Njuzu having sex with Ben 10 breaks internet

It is believed that she allegedly shared the video and photos with a Twitter user for GH¢50.


Check below for the videos and photos of the leaked videos that have now gone viral

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Don't show my name
Don't show my name
2 years ago

Just like that, she’s become even more bigger than before. I think the correct way of becoming famous in today’s world is either by sextape or by leaking nudeys.
Can’t complain here, she has everything going for her