Randy couple bring activities in town center to a standstill as they fuck in broad daylight 

Were they high on drugs or something? A randy couple thrilled onlookers as they fucked in the town center in broad daylight.

The two got down to business next to a roundabout at a busy intersection where the whole world could literally watch them.

The man pulled hard strokes into the lady’s pussy as she lay facing down. However, the man quickly cum, filling the woman’s cunt with his sperms.

But it didn’t end there. The man seemed to have popped several viagra pills or some other strong traditional aphrodisiacs as his dick remained hard like a stone even after he ejaculated.

He used water from a bottle he had with him to wash the sperms off his dick, poured some water on the woman’s pussy which had his sperms and her juices and soon he was back to action.

The lady lied motionless on the ground as the man pumped his dick in her pussy, oblivious of the the huge crowd that had gathered to watch the live porn.

Watch the clip below:

Author: Mphimandile Ndii
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