Chioma fucked hard by her ex boyfriend

Chioma fucked hard by her ex boyfriend

Chioma decided to lend a pussy for a few hours to her always-horny, always-energized ex-boyfriend who knew her pussy inside and out before she decided to leave her sorry broke ass to get married to a blesser who is twice her age.

Apparently, Chioma’s wealthy doesn’t know how to hit that pussy right, he doesn’t know how to fuck her like a slut she is the way her ex-boyfriend used to do.

You know, you can give your woman all the gifts in the world, the expensive kind, take her to exotic, romantic tours around the world but when you can’t give her the one thing she really lives for the correct way, you ain’t doing shit for her. All every other women wants and loves is to get dicked down properly until she forgets that she exists.

That’s exactly what was on Chioma’s mind when she blew her ex-boyfriend’s phone the other day. She wanted some dick, and she wanted to get fucked raw so that she could quench that thirst inside her that her hubby couldn’t provide for her with his 2 -minutes long marathon.

Here’s the video, the boyfriend who got compensated quite well with some money got twice the price of what he bargained for; the wet pussy and monetary appraisal, now who can say no to that!


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