Curved dick makes Gen Z moan loud, gasp for air

Curved dick makes Gen Z moan loud, gasp for air

Curved dicks are said to be the most lethal cocks in the world far beyond even the longest and the thickest peckers.

Men with curved cocks are feared because of the curvature of the dicks which penetrate the pussy from a dangerous angle hitting the g spot like a magnitude eight earthquake.

A petite Gen Z chick was seen in a video taking in the much-feared curved dick.

Her pussy was quite appetizing, cleanly shaved like the shell of an egg.

The lass took in the curved dick doggy style.

The man held her firmly in position then unleashed his masculine energy discharged at one point from his curved dick.

The young woman let out low-pitched moans at every thrust but at full throttle the Gen Z just couldn’t handle the intensity of the penetration opting to let out loud yells of pleasure with sheds of pain.

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