Dark Berry asks her fans to send their dicks if they want to fuck her

Dozens of men send photos of their dicks after pornstar Dark Berry vowed to fuck the best cock she sees and they obliged.
Dark Berry was bombarded with dicks galore after she requested men to send her photos of their cocks for her to choose the one she would like to fuck her.
The South African pornstar took to Twitter to announce that she was looking for a man to fuck her for her next video.


She asked men who would love to smash her to send photos of their dicks promising that she will allow the best cock to fuck her.
“Post your hard penis under this tweet. I need to choose a penis for my next video 😍,” Dark Berry tweeted.
Just a few moments after Dark Berry tweeted, several men started sending her photos of their dick hoping to be picked to fuck her.
The pornstar commented on the dick pics sent to her showing admiration for some of the Mandingos that impressed her.
See the photos of the dicks the men from Mzansi sent her on her Twitter timeline below:
Author: Afrofuck