US pornstar who was fucked by Davido seen sucking giant dick together with her friend

American pornstar Darling Nicky shot to fame after she fucked Nigerian singer Davido who refused to pay her after the romp.

Nicky exposed Davido for failing to pay after fucking her. She called out the Nigerian singer on Twitter where she shared screenshots of herself conversing with him to prove she wasn’t lying or doing it for clout.

“Davido contacted me for escort services and really tried not paying me “celebrities” man.. this is exactly how you get exposed,” she tweeted.

“I spoke to his friend who was in the room when shit went down. He and Davido contacted me the next day asking if I had friends to come with next time. I reminded his friend I was never paid,” she added.

Well, Nicky is now careful with who she fucks after the Davido drama. She was seen in a recent clip sucking a Mandingo dick together with her friend Susie alias Dee who has an OnlyFans account with her partner Peezy.

Peezy’s dick is huge that could easily make any woman wet just from looking at it.

The two pornstars took turns sucking the giant Peezy’s uncircumcised dick and they loved and enjoyed every minute of it.

Watch the clip below;

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