Emmanuel Lwasa leaked sextape

Emmanuel Lwasa leaked sextape

Emmanuel Lwasa has the internet talking all about him but not in a very good way, the Masaka tycoon has Uganda netizens talking all about him after a video leaked.

The video that leaked shows Emmanuel Lwasa rolling on the bed slightly showing his dick. After the video that alleges to be Emmanuel Lwasa got leaked online, netizens cannot seem to get enough of making fun of the billionaire.

It’s believed that Emmanuel Lwasa was fucking Diana Nabatanzi on that fateful day when she allegedly took the video and exposed him on Saturday.

Emmanuel Lwasa and his close friends have denied anything to do with the sex tape claiming that it’s photoshopped. Lwasa also claimed that the man in the video is a clone, not him.

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Among the public people who have come out to defend Lwasa is one city socialite Shanitah Namuyimbwa aka Bad Black who claims that the nude video alleged to be Emmanuel Lwasa’s must be photoshopped.

The video got leaked on Saturday 21, August 2021. The video shows a man lying naked on the bed showing his small dick. A lot of netizens are convinced that it is indeed Emmanuel Lwasa on the video because his face is clearly shown in the video and the body matches his.

Lwasa immediately disregarded the video, mocking whoever supposedly edited it to do better next time.

Bad Black has also failed to believe that it is indeed Lwasa in the video. Through her Facebook page, she questioned why the biggest part of the vide was covered with photos.

“Lwasa small zoloboka is out of hoduropu those who need it kindly comment i will share it masaka tubamaliliza. Why on earth a man with small dick talk too much tho that must be photoshopped why you covered all video with his pictures?” Bad Black questioned.