Fella Run It All’s 5 tips of getting and keeping a man

Fella Run It All’s 5 tips of getting and keeping a man

Ladies, this is how you can get what you want according to Fella Run It All, he took his time out of his busy schedule to make sure that his women fans are well taken care of at least according to his tips that he’s observe over the years.

Porn star who women wants to fuck and probably your girlfriend usually dreams about fucking her, Fella Run It All has shared some secrets that will and might help women get whatever they want from men.

The sought-after porn star who is an independent porn star whose name makes women clit tick took to Twitter to share the things women needs to do to get to that soft spot of any man today.

Once ladies follows what Fella Run It All has just told them, then they would easily get anything they want from a man and not only some good dick, but everything and probably anything they want from they mens.

“Ways to get whatever you want from dudes;

1. Listening 👂🏿 Everything A dude tell you don’t need a response from you. If his way don’t work the first time that’s when you give input on what he could do better but never make him feel as his vision/idea wasn’t good. The more you listen sometimes the more you learn.

2. Make the first moves sometimes.. Us dudes love when a female reserve dates first, surprise us with gifts, investing in anything we have goin on. Don’t be the female that only bring pussy and looks to the table you’ll never stand out. A woman that can put you back in position if you fall off or pay for trips and business ventures will always be the one for a real man

3. Bring peace 🧘🏿‍♂️ the more calm yo presence is around a man will give you most of his time and attention. A man at peace is a more focused and loving man. You’ll always be his soft spot

4. Be his porn star.. If I’m not mistaken the word “No” don’t exist in the bedroom. Be his slut let him discover and cherish every part of you. Try anything once and whatever you don’t like let it be known and bring up alternatives to fill in that blank. He yo slut just as much as you’re his show out every time. Bet that man give you anything you ask for

5. Submit.. if he leading correctly the word “No” should never come out your mouth. Let that man receive the world from you. Don’t nobody feelin denied/ rejected. The more you submit the more he submits also. Let that man lead and make you happy
#FREEGAME #YOUWELCOME #FELLA,” he shared on Twitter.