Popular pornstar Fella Run It All the Turn Up Monster makes it rain money after earning millions from OnlyFans

Fella Run It All the Turn Up Monster tried rapping but his music career didn’t quite take off. His eureka moment came when he discovered his talent was nestled between his legs.

Fella is a hotcake in the world of pornography, ladies beg him to fuck them for FREE! Some even send him video recordings showing them pleasuring themselves in a desperate bid to get his attention and get him to smash them.

The pornstar was already monetizing his sexapades long before OnlyFans was invented, his sex videos are all over on pornographic sites like Xvideos, pornhub just to mention but a few.

The dawn of OnlyFans catapulted Fella to new financial heights, he started raking in serious money as horny fans subscribed to his channel.

The Turn Up Monster has been earning a shit load of money over the past years. He recently made a million bucks from his OnlyFans account.

And just like a real baller, Fella went on a spending spree to blow the proceeds earned from OnlyFans. He made it rain money in a strip club and bought himself a few new whips.

The popular pornstar is however not only squandering his fortune on things that do not make sense to many ordinary people, he is also making some fairly good investments.

He bought himself a new crib and most recently he also paid for his mama to get a brand new ride – at least he is investing in his family.

Author: Afrofuck