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Kenyan Ssenga became an overnight internet sensation after her leaked video found its way on social media.

The married Kenyan Ssenga whose real name is Harriet Scott Achieng took not only one man but three of them and she overpowered them with her tight, sweet, wet pussy.

The men couldn’t handle her bed prowess with all of them tapping out.

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Ever since then, Kenyan Ssenga has been the only Kenyan woman who commands a huge following on social media thanks to the sex tape. She also has the best sex tape so far.

Here's Kenyan Ssenga with her husband who wasn't a part of the foursome of the men who fucked his wife.
Here’s Kenyan Ssenga with her husband who wasn’t a part of the foursome of the men who fucked his wife.

There’s no other sex tape in Africa you’ll see that shows how a woman dominates three men at one time. She sucks two dicks at one time while one man is busy fucking her from the back.

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