Georgina Njenga nude leaks part 2

Georgina Njenga nude leaks part 2

A Kenyan celebrity known as Georgina Njenga has social media talking all about her after her nudes hit the internet.

According to one podcaster Andrew Kibe, he apparently premonised this saying that it was only a matter of time before her nudes hit social media because apparently she loves and enjoys showing her skin out there.

Her nudes has people loving her body and how positively she’s reacting to this.

Georgina Njenga is not fazed at all, she loves it, with a body like hers, you wouldn’t feel ashamed when your nudes leaked, you’d be proud because then you’d be making a lot of people jealous.

She said that it was her salty ex-boyfriend who leaked them out after she went exclusive with dating Tyler Mbaya, a renowned Kenyan Thespian.

Here is another video of Georgina Ndegwa playing with herself as she records.

Get the above clip right here: Georgina Njenga nude leaks part 2 (173 downloads )

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