Gucci third Leg fucked YannahTheGreat so good she tatted his name on her

Gucci third Leg is the man to beat right now on the independent porn business at the moment.

Men wants to be him while women on the other hand wants to be fucked by him.

I mean mans really fucked Teresa Lavae so hard, consistent and soft while being smooth while doing it caught the attention of most adult performers.

We’re now waiting to see a Gucci Third Leg versus Mini Stallion, or Cherokee D’ass, now that would be awesome but I digress.

Gucci third Leg fucked YannahTheGreat so damn good she had to have his tattoo of not for anything else but to remember him by.

You know how good you have to be to have a professional adult performer dickmatized so damn good she gets to have your tattoo!!!! The answer is freakingly damn good.

Men!! Gucci third Leg is the GOAT!!!

YannahTheGreat has repeatedly posted the video showing her getting the tattoo of Gucci third Leg who is of Nigerian descent the Yoruba tribe whose real name is Oluwatosin.

Watch the video of Gucci third Leg fucking YannahTheGreat soo good she decided to get a tattoo of his name.


Get the above clip here: Another Gucci third Leg tattoo by YannahTheGreat (593 downloads )

“Got @guccithirdleg Name Tatted on Me cause His Dick Was to good 🤤,” YannahTheGreat sent out a tweet.

Now, here’s the thing: YannahTheGreat isn’t the only woman who has tatted Gucci third Leg’s name on their skin, she’s actually not even the first woman to do it. She might even be the fifth or sixth woman to have his name tatted on their skin after Oluwatosin has fucked them.

This begs to wonder, then how good is Gucci third Leg’s dick game? Is it that strong 💪🏿 that it makes women fall in love with him that instantly? 🤔😋😍😍😍😍



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