Gucci Third Leg’s 8 girlfriends has tattoed his name

Gucci Third Leg fucked Teresa Lavae the other day as if it was the end of the world. He was too much for the celebrated porn star Teresa Lavae.

Gucci Third Leg whose real name is Oluwatosin is slanging! he has that big dick and knows how to use it and satisfy not one, not two, not three girlfriends but 8 of them.

He made a TikTok short clip that went viral where he showed proof of all of his eight girlfriends tattooing they bodies with his real name Oluwatosin or his moniker/nickname which is Tosin.

So Keisha, Shakira, Maria, Fatima, Katie, Kingston, Yaya, and Maryam, have tattoos of their boyfriend.

Get the above clip here: [Download not found]

Author: Afrofuck
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