He fucked her missionary, long dick style and cummed on her face

He fucked her missionary, long dick style and cummed on her face

They usually say that fucking a girl in the missionary sex position is rather dull and boring, well me being a woman and all, I tell you that’s bullshit, we love that shit, we love getting fucked the missionary style plus, if you ask me, Doggy style is overrated.

Just look at the way this gorgeous babe who is so pretty she can be an actress in Hollywood seems happy as she takes in good, genuine, long dick inside her in the missionary position, doesn’t she seem she’s complaining? No, she doesn’t.

This fuck might just be one of those few fucks she’ll never ever forget in her entire life because she felt every inch of that tall dick getting inside her thanks to her being comfortable on her back with her legs wide apart waiting for some dick.

Say what you like, getting fucked missionary style with a long dick is a dream come true for a lot of women out there, just do some asking around, you would be surprised how many women prefer missionary over doggy style.

Our gorgeous babe got dealt some big long strokes using the long dick style until she forgot she wasn’t supposed to scream.

The mans did a cumshot straight aimed at her face, she swallowed everything proving she’s a nasty girl who swallows what’s on the menu!

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