How I dance naked seduce and fuck my house boy

I have been fucking my house boy for the longest time because my husband is the type who is never home and doesn’t give me the attention I need.

It all started one day when I was home alone with the house boy, I was horny as fuck and I was just peeping through the window lustfully watch him  mow the lawn.

I have a house girl who goes off work every Sunday, the house boy his job is mainly to keep the compound clean. So this particular Sunday we are just alone as the hubby and kids had gone out.

So this erotic idea struck me, I wear my velvet mini dress sleepwear and I called the house boy over to the living room. Remember am not wearing any panties.

I asked him to sit down on the couch and moment later I sat next to him. I start caressing him and at first he seems frightened but when his dick gets hard he surrenders to my will.

Within no time his shorts are down and am ridding his huge dick. I had rubber so I quickly inserted onto his erect cock and rode him like a pony.

His dick is way bigger than my husband’s. I could feel his animal all over my pussy as he pushed it in me. It only took three minutes for me to cum. I got off him the moment I squirted, poor thing didn’t even ejaculate.

Anyway the fuck in the living room was the beginning of a very beautiful chapter in my life. Now all I have been doing for the past eight months is dancing naked, seducing and fucking my house boy because my husband is never home.

We once recorded our sex session just for fun. See the video below:

Author: Long Dick Style