Huddah Monroe told Khaligraph Jones that she will fuck him

Huddah Monroe is as bold as blunt as they come, she isn’t known for mincing words, she tells it as it is.

The Kenyan socialite, formerly a Big Brother contestant once had an online spat with a Kenyan rapper by the name of Khaligraph Jones where she claimed she didn’t know or even heard of him, leave alone his songs.

Khaligraph didn’t take that sitting down, he called her out for disrespecting the OG and thus, their back and forth on social media.

Clearly defeated, Huddah Monroe decided to use her pussy to threaten Khaligraph Jones to back down, she told him on social media that she would fuck the rapper until he respects her.

Khaligraph didn’t respond to her threats, it clearly works.

This is probably the doggy style position that she would have given the rapper with when they could’ve fucked

“Daddy Jones, I will fuck until you leave me alone,” she wrote on Instagram.

Huddah Monroe is one beautiful lady, I’m surprised Khaligraph Jones didn’t take her on her offer of fucking her, probably raw and wet

Author: Afrofuck