Zodwa Wabantu gets fingered on stage, again!!!!

Zodwa Wabantu’s love for his fans cannot be measured to anything, she usually lets her fans do whatever they want to do like touching her ass and rubbing on her pussy when she’s on stage, she doesn’t detest it because fans are there to see her after all.

She’s the only female entertainer who doesn’t have an issue with men and women fondling her live on stage when she’s performing for her fans in a near-naked outfit where she sometimes usually removes her thong in front of the revelers just to entertain them.

Zodwa Wabantu’s shows are almost always sold out and you don’t need to ask why they’re sold out every other time, it’s simple, Zodwa Wabantu is a crowd mover.

This is yet another video where she was getting fondled by revelers who came out to see her perform live as she wore a skimpy dress for the show.

Here is the video:


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Author: Afrofuck