Somebody help me, my wife of 12 years is a nymphomaniac

I am married for the past 12 or more years with 4 kids, my wife and I lived a happy marriage, until one day I travelled for a long safari and stayed for several months.

Later when I was back my wife confessed that they had affairs with some guy but nothing happened between them.

I, from there started being very worried, but with the strictness and follow up someday I realized my wife still used to call the guy and I tried asking her she confessed she did but it was the guy calling her, then I started restricting her on some things even sometimes I suggest we go out together rather than her going alone; a point where saloon or anything I escorted her.

We talked over the past and agreed it won’t repeat and I forgave her reason being I love her so much and I feel I’m weak to lose her for the sack of love and kids.

Then, a few months passed well and thereafter, came a visitor who I trusted a lot, no he wasn’t my friend but more of my wife’s uncle’s friend.

I treated him well, he spent nights in my house as he travelled from far, I even bought nyama choma and drinks and also took him to Night club life before curfew struck alongside my wife.

Then we came back home one day being drunk and he went to his room. Later of which I and my wife into our room had sex with the wife and always I mentioned to my wife if she’s satisfied she should speak up or If she’s missing anything I would try and get it for her/buy it for her at any cost within my range.

The same night after we finished having sex, she thought I was asleep and she sneaked into the visitors’ room, I woke up slowly and tiptoed to the room just to find out they were almost starting to have sex with the visitor (her uncle’s friend), touching each other all over and half-stripped.

I got angry never ever have I beaten my wife but that they couldn’t hold it. She was hurt and I felt so bad and even she got a few stitches, again talked it over and she said she was drunk not on her senses and that’s why she did such a thing, and she said it’s the uncle who convinced her, after talking it over I thought she regretted and she’ll change.

Just to find out she’s flirting with the neighborhood Doctor, I asked her why all this and she said I don’t give her attention and love, but wherever she wants to go I take her and I try and deliver as much as I can in terms of satisfaction and whatever needs.

We again talked it over and she promised to stop and even destroyed a sim card that was hidden beyond my recognition. I thought we were back to normal and I also a man who after all this I tried restricting her from unnecessary movement.

And there’s one guy who used to bring groceries and I felt suspicious with the guy because mostly he was sent whilst am traveling and ask her to stop sending the guy, and told her we can send another guy even at a higher cost of delivery and most of these things I knew is sometimes by calling other people to check on her without her knowledge and after discovering anything I investigate on my own before jumping into conclusions.

Suddenly this guy was still sent I couldn’t hold it and called the guy told him I don’t want to see him at my place and the guy agreed he won’t be coming, suddenly next day the guy goes to a close friend of my wife and told her friend that I always call to ask my wife’s whereabouts which I didn’t and if I did must be past few years back, and telling my wife’s friend am insecure and he has nothing to do with my wife all this is after the wife’s friend decided to visit my home and told my wife which again my wife told me, that she’s told that and she’s quoting whatever she’s been told, she was told I also call another guy if she goes to her friend place, for the guy to check if she’s really there.

We talked over and every time there’s an issue the wife keeps asking for a divorce which I hesitate to give because of the love and the kids.

She even started saying I should get her a new sim card because she thinks am spying on her phone.

I tried explaining and talking it over which I thought we have gone past it but I feel like now my wife is talking to his previous first guy who she met while I was traveling, because the guy since I have his number, which I got it on the first story told by my wife, you can realize that always when the guy is online my wife is online too and not a single text to me and whenever you call through WhatsApp the phone is not ringing or she’s on another call And she never contacts me until I do try to contact her and in most of my trips just to try to show her love I asked her if she needs anything that I should bring it with me back home.

I am really in deep love with her but I feel she’s still cheating with this other guy, if not yet met for the second time I still feel she herself prompted the guy though I have no evidence but I feel she prompted the guy because her main issues is she always say I don’t trust her but I do however with the situation I have gone through I admit just being more protective.

I need advice from you guys what did I do wrong or what should I do?

Author: Afrofuck