I could end up dying a spinster, I've fucked all type of men but still can't find the right one

I could end up dying a spinster, I’ve fucked all type of men but still can’t find the right one

I am 27 year old but still I can’t seem to find the right man for myself, my confession is a bit messed up, I meet men everyday but none seem to match the idea I have in my head, weird.

Been kind of dating a 30 something year old married man whom I used to like but I no longer do, the sex used to be good but it no longer intriguing. This man I just don’t know how to get rid of him, such a cry baby, I pity his miserable life and maybe that’s why I have chosen to entertain him a little longer.

Well. There is this other one, highly ambitious, a good job, very bright, a wicked sense of humor.. But he’s short and has a small dick, I had sex with him once and it was the worst experience. I believe the deal breaker is petty but I think I’m not attracted to him sexually but maybe I’ll marry him once and stay miserable for the rest of my life you never know.

So uh there this other one in his thirties too.. A good job, sense of humor not so bright and I don’t think I like him. Had sex with him once, lol I was drunk can’t even recall how it was.  He speaks a lot of sheng and he’s not as confident again there’s nothing he can tell me about the conflict between Israel and Palestine’s . see, still not the man for me.

This other one is obsessed with me. But I don’t like him, issues being he’s short, 20s still too young for me and he’s not as smart. This one I have never even considered him. He takes me out on dates though, who doesn’t love free food.

This other one is not even smart, we can’t even hold an intellectual conversation, his story is weird I have spent several nights in his bed but we slept like siblings. I think his dick has a problem or something like that. He’s boring and can’t make a match for me.

I am obsessed with the idea of a perfect relationship or rather a perfect boyfriend model which I have created in my head I know it’s petty and I could end up dying a spinster.

I met this other one 38, self proclaimed fraud very stupid, wears suits but is ever broke, but the sex was out of this world. The two months I lied to him were the best until I couldn’t take his stupidity anymore. I had so much sex in those two months, he would give me crazy orgasms that I had never experienced before. Besides him being dumb the sex was what I have always dreamt of but he failed the complete test and I had to leave. I should give him a call one of the fine days though for a fuck date no strings attached. I really miss those orgasms.

I could go on and on about these men but it’s not worth wasting both our time since it’s the same old story, petty deal breakers but still single.

Author: Long Dick Style