ICYMI Queen Tahshaar got a tattoo on her thigh

ICYMI Queen Tahshaar got a tattoo on her thigh

Queen Tahshaar is on her way of becoming one of the most sought-after porn stars in the world. As it is right now, she is living her best life being stress free and making that money because of her high traffic OnlyFans account.

With her loyal fanbase, she really is that one popular Kenyan OnlyFans model who is living the life she deserves and what she wants doing what she loves without giving a fuck about anybody or doing anything and everything that she likes.

Taking to social media, Queen Tahshaar shared with her fans worldwide when she got her thigh tattoo, she even shared a video of how it was getting done by a tattoist.

Here’s the video;


Download the above clip right here: Queen Tahshaar gets a tattoo on her thigh (585 downloads )

Queen Tahshaar getting the tattoo of what looks like a dragon

Here are the photos of Queen Tahshaar getting the tattoo

I must admit she looks absolutely beautiful with the tattoo especially when she’s naked or when she rocks a thong.

Check out how beautiful she looks with her new thigh ink.


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