Inside a wild house party in Lagos where women walked naked

Naija people got money and that’s not an overrated statement at all, it’s nothing but the truth o! if you dey doubt, just Google Obi Cubana, and shock yourself after finding out wetin happen in Oba a few weeks ago.

Where there’s money, you’re bound to meet or see beautiful women who are ready and willing to do anything and everything to get a taste of that money.

What the women did in this lavish party was walk naked and entertain the guest who was coming to enjoy the house party.

Na money be sweet o!

Women here, beautiful women who wouldn’t give you a second look if you no fit carry money were walking naked in this party shaking their nyash and touching on guests who were shocked of what was going on o.

Just watching this video makes you and I wish you were invited to the lavish party. Sorry o sorry o, you were not invited.

Life no fit balance jare!

Author: Afrofuck