Is this man a simp or a caring husband

I have been married 4 four years now. My wife has been posting a whole lot of negative things on social media especially WhatsApp status which speaks much about her marriage not working well.

I have sat her down several times trying my best to let her see the need to solve her problems if there are any without always putting them on social media.

The most annoying part is we don’t have any issues of that sort. Always making my friends and family think we are in crisis even after I have always told them we are fine.

Of late she has turned to a feminist on her status always telling women to fight their men if they look down on them, how women are not slaves, how women are not punching bags, and how women should deal with a cheating husband.

My family, her family & friends actually thinks she is going through such things meanwhile I have been good to her, bathing our kid every morning so she can get a chance to prepare food.

When she is washing then I will mop the floor, I have never raised my hand too on her.

One time I was questioned by my brother about her status so I decided to screenshot our conversation and sent to her, she got angry n decided to put her phone off that she won’t use the phone again only for her to go for it after four days.

As I type this, her phone is off that she has stop using phone because I showed her a chat I had with her sister asking about her status update. I don’t know when she will use it again.
Is this right? Am losing it.

The second issue is that she can get up be moody for no reason. It can last for days or weeks before she gets back to normal by herself.

Author: Afrofuck