Lesbian queen Jackie makes her prey squirt liters of white substance 

Lesbian queen Jackie makes her prey squirt liters of white substance 

Squirting, often a topic of curiosity and intrigue, is one of the things that men dream of making women do during sex for ego-boosting purposes.

Squirting refers to the expulsion of a liquid from the urethra of the vagina during orgasm. This phenomenon involves the release of a fluid that is a combination of urine and other substances from a woman’s reproductive organs.

When a woman ejaculates, the fluid released is typically a mixture of urine and a secretion from the Skene’s glands, which are located near the urethra.

This fluid, which is different from the lubrication produced by the Bartholin glands during sexual arousal, is usually colorless and odorless, resembling water.

Squirting is a specific type of female ejaculation that occurs in response to sexual stimulation or orgasm.

Unlike vaginal lubrication (being wet), which helps in reducing friction during intercourse and is secreted by the vaginal walls, squirting involves a distinct expulsion of fluid from the urethra.

Research indicates that between 10% to 50% of women experience ejaculation, though many may not be aware of it. This lack of awareness can be attributed to the fact that the fluid often flows backward into the bladder rather than exiting the body.

The amount of fluid ejaculated differs a lot from woman to woman, ranging from barely noticeable amounts to gushing, geyser-like streams.  If you’ve ever seen squirting in porn, chances are you’re familiar with the latter.

The geyser-like streams is what happened in a lesbian video that has been trending.

In the video, lesbian queen Jackie made her prey squirt liters of white substance.

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