Kenyan DJ Creme Dela Creme Sextape With Halima Nassir

Creme Dela Creme broke the internet a few years ago when his sex tape got leaked online. The sex tape was reportedly recorded in 2011, way before the celebrated disk jockey was as famous as he is today.

Creme Dela Creme disclosed that he was extorted by con artists who wanted him to pay 2 million shillings(Kenyan) not to have the sex tape leaked online.

“The whole (sex tape leak) thing was an accident. However, I take the blame. I made a mistake. It’s from the year 2011. Right now I am closing in on the cyber fraudsters behind it,” Crème told a Kenyan daily, Pulse in an interview with them 5 years ago.

“I thank my wife for standing behind me. This is a big lesson for me and I do urge my fellow entertainers to be careful not to be caught in stuff like this,” he states.

“Some con artists called me up and informed me that they had incriminating information about me. They said they wanted to negotiate after which they said they wanted me to give them Sh2 million. I was like: ‘Sh2 million for what?’ That is when they threatened to release the tape,” Crème de la Crème told Pulse.

The leaked sex tape was on Halima’s laptop, which disappeared mysteriously alongside other electronic gadgets in her possession. However, she could not discuss the matter as she was still devastated at the time of going to press.

“My guilt is beyond doubt. My shame is enormous. I admit my wrong and take full responsibility for it. A lot has been said…All is noted, appreciated and taken to heart. I shall reflect on it all,” he said.

“To my family, I truly am sorry. You are my rock, the foundation upon which I find my strength. I sincerely apologize for bringing shame to our trust, your names and legacy. I humbly seek your forgiveness, your grace and mercy. Please forgive me,” the letter went on.

“To Halima, I apologize for the trouble this has caused you, your daughter and your family. I am sorry for the exposure and ridicule this situation has caused. And to my friends, colleagues, associates and fans, thanks for the reprimand that came hard and heavy from all.”


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Author: Afrofuck