Kenyan Sex Therapist Maurice Matheka makes woman squirt half a litre of cum during live sex lesson

So as it turns out all women on earth can squirt.

If you’re a lady and your man hasn’t made you squirt even once, then you don’t have the best person who knows how to hit it just right to make sure that you squirt.

There’s a certain maestro, Maurice Matheka who knows well the anatomy of women, specifically their pussies and where to touch that will make them create some amazing waterfalls. It takes a couple of minutes if not seconds.

There’s a viral clip of the MAN Maurice Matheka demonstrating how you’re supposed to touch a pussy and make it squirt, this is some amazing shit that you can’t make up, it’s surreal. Granted, I tried it, it doesn’t work as the professional did it.

He just stick his fingers, clean fingers of course, inside the pussy, and voila! waterfall.

Watch the video to watch this magic


Author: Afrofuck