Kikky Badass twerks and strips

Kikky Badass twerks and strips

Kikky Badass is one rapper who is bound to take over the hip hop scene by storm but in due time, not now though.

The beautiful rapper who has ass for days, all natural commands a huge following on social media thanks to her body that will make any man want to become her friend.

Social media was excited to learn about her twerking her ass while wearing a matching black lingerie shaking what her momma gave her.

It’s sad that we didn’t get to see the long version of this video because it cuts short just as soon as she removes her bra. Well, when it’s ready, you’ll find it here so it’s all good.

Watch the short clip of Kikky Badass twerking away.

Get the above clip here: Kikky Badass twerking (651 downloads )

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