Lexi Luv speaks on her mesmerising short hair

Lexi Luv speaks on her mesmerising short hair

Sensational, beautiful content creator Lexi Luv who’s originally from Rwanda has captured the adult scene with her good looks, her sexy ass body, her smile, her ability to suck dick with classiness but more importantly, she’s standing out thanks to her cute short hair.

Addressing the curious souls who are infatuated by her about her short hair, she took to social media to address it saying that it’s somewhat normal in her native country of Rwanda to don short hair since childhood.

“I always laugh when people say to me that my looks are unique, literally meaning on how I am comfortable locking short hair naturally, even in porn 😏 like have you been to Rwanda 🇷🇼 before?

This’s how we grew up, shaving our heads starts from primary 1 till end of secondary school, unless you go to a private school that allows hair. So in my home country is a norm,” she said.

She went on to add that almost every other black woman in the industry goes through discrimination due to the fact of having black hair.

She’s saying she’ll continue wearing her hair how she feels without fearing for anything.

“I know I always talk about hair issues, but it’s a big issue for black women everywhere, in any industry.”

“As a black woman you always face discrimination against your hair. I honestly don’t understand the obsession with straight long hair. Let me wear it if I feel like it, don’t force that shit onto me,” she concluded.

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