Malindi woman massages mzungu’s dick until he cums twice in a span of eight minutes

Sex activities at the Kenyan coast are a cliché, it happens all the time.

But there is some good stuff that has been caught at the coast that warrants your attention.

A new video from Malindi shows a Kenyan woman massaging an Italian tourist at the beach. For starters, Malindi is little Italy in Kenya, Italians are taking over the town and some of them come to Kenya to quench their sex thirst.

In the video, the local woman is seen massaging and sucking the Italian cock as the man relaxes lying on a mat at the beach.

It only took the lady four minutes to make the man cum.

She was so good at her job that the Italian had to cum twice in a span of 8 minutes.

Watch the clip below:

Author: Afrofuck