Man allegedly steals $4000 from his friend, he used to the money to fuck his girl too

Chris Brown sang it, these hoes ain’t loyal and he just might be truthful on that account because one man took to social media, on Twitter specifically to call out another man whom he thought was his mans from day 1.

Apparently his day 1 brother turned out to be a wolf in a sheep’s clothing after he stole from him.

He didn’t only steal from him $4000 but he also used the money to fuck his girlfriend. That’s low, this is what you do to your opps, not your friend, Lol.

“This nigga stole over $4000 from me and used it to fuck my bitch. You really a sucka ass nigga for making a new twitter like I wasn’t gonna notice. It’s on sight,” Julian the Pastor sent out the tweet.

Apparently he didn’t only steal from him, he also changed his Twitter username as soon as he fucked his girlfriend.

Replying to Julian, Luis shared a video which he has since deleted making social media more interested with what was going on between the two of them.

Luis shared a short clip of himself getting his dick sucked by his friend’s girl, damn, the savagery noting that he thought she was for all of them.

“Thought she was for the team,” he sent out the tweet with the short clip of him getting head.


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