MARY LINCON’s sex tape gets social media talking

MARY LINCON’s sex tape gets social media talking

A Kenyan gospel singer who usually sings in the Kikuyu dialect has social media talking all about her after one woman on social media leaked them.

The woman who leaked them is called Martha Mwihaki Hinga, most people can’t put their reasoning together to find out why she would leak a fellow woman’s sex tape, but that’s neither here or there.

Mary Lincon was apparently seen entertaining a man by dancing for him naked in the bathroom so that she could get some money for herself despite being married.

Reportedly, Mary Lincon who is now broke after she was fired from her radio gig usually preys on powerful rich men and politicians, she was allegedly leaked to a government official one time.

Here are the photos that have social media talking all about the sensational gospel singer who has curves for days!! she’s pretty as fuck with a banging body, you gots to give her that at least.

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Njoki wa O
Njoki wa O
1 year ago

It’s rather sad that a fellow woman would expose another woman all in the name of hypocrisy!

Women are their own detriment!

We all have our shortcomings but doing this to a fellow woman even if she’s a gospel musician is foul.

They usually say, do what do say, not do what they do