Meet Mwende Frey, the petite Nancy twerking for her male customers in a barbershop

Miss Mwende Frey issa vibe, she makes you want to go to her barbershop if you are a man so that you can get the experience and pushes you to go to the barbershop just to check up on your man if you’re a woman.

The beautiful, petite woman twerks away for her patrons on the regular.

She doesn’t care about anything and anyone because her strategy is working, and she is getting paid.

Her barbershop is exclusively built for men and men alone because there are no women allowed.


Get the above clip here: Mwende Frey part 1 (101 downloads )

The only women allowed are the women working for her in the barbershop called Man’s Chamber Barbershop & Spa that’s located in Ruiru in Kenya.

She has since become an internet sensation after a clip of her twerking for a male client went viral.


Get the above clip here: Mwende Frey part 2 (108 downloads )

She’s living that attention life because it helps her convert new strangers into customers which brings more money to her pocket.

She’s beautiful, you must give her that and her having that slim thick perfect ass that can twerk is just about fine that nobody can say no to it even if they wanted to.


Get the above lip here: Mwende Frey part 3 (137 downloads )

So yes, she’s getting paid. Check out some of her videos twerking for her clients above of this article.

Here are her photos as well

Author: Afrofuck