My ex-boyfriend is getting control by his mother who is into witchcraft

I grew up in a prophetic family so its like in my life I knew what’s next so I got in a relationship with a guy and I knew I would get pregnant but who can fight love?? before I gave birth I was told everything about the Guy’s family, I was so disappointed that I regretted ever dating him.

His mother believes in witchcraft to the point that she wanted to sacrifice my son because of money she has made her son to do everything she says we even broke up( I felt a sigh of relief actually I can’t end up fighting her witchcraft all my life).

After two months this guy got into another relationship only to break up with her he knows I don’t know but I already know.

His mother did some shitty things to her son I wanted to tell this guy but how will I tell him his mother is the cause of his father having stroke because she wanted to sacrifice him for money rituals? how will I tell him she is the cause of his rejection everywhere even at work and that his money will never help him because it was taken to an altar that his mother knows and that their home in Mombasa has this altar?

Even his big sister is in this world her mom is but they pretend they know a higher power.

But I will tell you one thing prayer works there is a true higher power if my son is still breathing then no witch can stand against me.

Author: Afrofuck