One man flaunts some of the women he’s fucked recently

One man took social media by storm by disclosing that he has fucked a lot of women and single mothers out there.

The slender man revealed that he has fucked over 15 women and counting and it seems like he isn’t relenting, he’s somewhat in a quest to make a record or something.

The man seems like he’s into petite ladies and has a knack for brown skin ladies because almost all the ladies he’s slept with are of light complexion.

He has a lot of women who seem to love him dearly which begs the question of the other ladies knowing that he’s in a relationship with other women with who he gets intimate on occasion.

It seems he doesn’t matter if the woman has children or not, he just has to score. Here are the photos that he shared on social media which has instantly turned him into an overnight sensation

Author: Afrofuck