My girlfriend refuses to get pregnant for me but got pregnant for three different men

I have this Lady, we dated for like 3 years, I found her with 2 kids and I didn’t have a problem with that though personally I didn’t have any child then

Over that period, I talked to her about marriage and at every instance, she would always brush off the topic, citing our age difference at times she won’t be accepted by my family and such

She even aborted my first child with her, we then broke up for about a year. I loved her deeply that I couldn’t move on all this time and because of that, I called her to see if we can make up again

To my surprise. I found her heavily pregnant for another man. I asked her about the pregnancy, she told me loads and loads of lies about that pregnancy

Fast forward, I chose to stay anyway, after a year and few months, she got pregnant for me the second time, which she again aborted. Reasons being that she wasn’t ready for another pregnancy

This got me thinking, how comes every time she’s pregnant for me there always comes excuses yet she gives birth for another man

Now she has 3 kids from different men. None of these kids are mine

What confuses me most is how she confesses her love for me, she says how we should get married, she doesn’t want to lose me again. Honestly speaking, I love her so much, but I’m confused here

I’m heavily confused

Author: Afrofuck