Completely naked Tanzanian singer Amber Lulu dances better than a nightrunner on steroids

Amber Lulu has netizens thinking about what to do with their palms, especially single men out there who love to buy big lotions.

Seems like their right hand is going to be busy after a video of the singer emerged online where she was twerking naked, and dancing.

It’s not clear why she was happily singing along to the song playing in the background and shaking her huge, thick ass but we love it and we are not here to judge but her to appreciate her blessings.

Amber Lulu is very pretty, has some unforgettable thickness, tight pussy(so we hear), and perfect tits. This video is one of the best videos you’ll get to see today and be appreciative of her beauty.

Amber Lulu’s body is perfect, beautiful. You cannot get tired of just watching her shake what her mama gave her. It’s sad her sex tape isn’t out just yet. At the moment however, look at her twerk and dance naked

Author: Afrofuck