Offset shared video of himself spanking Cardi B’s juicy ass

Offset shared video of himself spanking Cardi B’s juicy ass

Offset uploaded a video of himself massaging and spanking Cardi B’s big booty after a long day.

Cardi B and Offset are one of hip hop’s hottest couples and they have never been afraid of showing the love that they have for each other, especially if there are cameras around, as we can see on red carpets and other videos.

In the latest video that Offset shared on social media, Cardi B is seen lying on her stomach in bed with her pants down wearing nothing but a beige thong. Meanwhile, we can also see Offset’s hands touching his wife’s body and wiggling her butt.

Cardi B can be seen giggling and asking him “Are you happy to see me?” while Offset replies “Yes, I missed you so much,” while lovingly slapping her derriere.

Cardi B and Offset have been working in their relationship since they hit a bump in the road following an ugly episode of infidelity.

Offset cheated on Cardi B and was caught. She was visibly hurt and needed time to process the blow.

Offset understood the damage he caused and tried to straighten up his act, he stopped drinking lean and committed to their relationship.

Cardi eventually forgave Offset and went back to being the happy couple as evident with their public displays of affection through the internet.

“Me and Offset, we was not seeing eye to eye. The main thing that I wanted to stop and everything, he stopped. He changed, and it showed me that he wanted to change for me,” Cardi B said in an interview in January 2023.

Watch the clip here:


Get the above clip here: Offset slapping that Cardi B's juicy, jiggly fine ass (580 downloads )

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