oh! so this is how you a dick tattoo is done?

Ever wondered how a dick tattoo is done, well, today you get to have your answer.

There are some fetishes out there and then there are some extreme out there like getting a dick tattoo, I mean, who came up with the idea to begin with.

Without going any further, this tattoo is best done by a woman who clearly loves dicks because once in a while, she’d be forced to suck on the dick, giving it some saliva action to make it be as hard as a rock so that the tattoo can be done.

Here is the short clip showing how a dick tattoo is done proper way; some blowjob and some needling

Get the above clip here: Dick tattoo; blow job and the art itself (0 downloads )

Author: Afrofuck
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Njoki wa O
Njoki wa O
10 months ago

I’d love me a boyfriend who has tatted his dick with my name. Now that would give me WAP every single time I see it. 😋